Why Is Digital Fundraising #Trending?


Remember when you use to hear “We now live in a digital age”?  That saying is no longer relevant because 3 year olds know how to use smartphones and can teach most adults how to build a better mine craft world.  We live in a digital age and everyone knows it.

So why is digital fundraising trending?  Because it’s time.  Because my grandma now says “I just Groupon-ed it”.  Because my 3 year old literally tries to swipe our flatscreen TV.  We no longer live in a world that says “Can we build it”, we live in a world that asks “Should we build it?”  Digital fundraising is something that should be built and it is being built.

MotivDeals Fundraising is constantly creating and updating our platform to better our user experience and give our fundraising organizations an easy way to manage their fundraiser. Digitally.

We have some exciting updates coming up in the next 60 days.  Stay tuned!  We are THE digital version of those plastic fundraising deal cards.  Let us be YOUR fundraising organization.

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