Why Digital Fundraising is Better than Traditional Ways



Figuring out that you need to fundraise is the easy part.  If you need money, you need money.  Finding a legit, established, and effective fundraiser is another story.

Traditional means of fundraising such as selling cookie dough, pine straw, laundry detergent, christmas trees, and deal coupons is, THANKFULLY, on its way out!

The old way was to sell a physical deal card or booklet, requiring the customer to physically keep the card on them in order to redeem. Motivdeals uses the sales of fundraising memberships allowing people to receive local deals through their smart phone.

We create all of our revenue through the sales of these fundraising membership,  (It’s a SaaS model); therefore, we are able to give local businesses the ability to create and manage specialized deals 100% free WITHOUT being gouged like other deal services.

Essentially we have flipped the goliath “DAILY DEAL TECH SITES” business model on its head.  We now place a small burden on the consumers, while no burden is placed on the businesses.

We are helping the community by building the community.

Stay tuned, we are working an even more innovative way to raise money.  Coming soon!