Fundraising Objectives


“A thing aimed at or sought; a goal.”

Once your organization has identified your fundraising goals, it is time to solidify some objectives to reach those goals.

Objectives are a critical part of every fundraising plan.  They are the mechanism by which you measure your success and they are the triggers that continue your fundraisers momentum.  If you reach a pivotal point (a certain objective) in your fundraiser, your next objective should carry you along to your final goal.
Objectives Should Be:
Measurable – Include specific dollar amounts.  You should also include milestones in your fundraiser. (i.e. Once we raise “X” dollars, we will implement “X” objective.
Specific – They should relate to a concrete fundraising activity (or set of activities) that will be deployed.
Achievable – Make sure you come up with a target that is achievable.  Otherwise your participants will easily get discouraged and unfocused.
Relevant – Use Motivdeals Fundraising.  We are innovative, relevant, and can give you recurring revenue for future fundraisers!
Timescaled – THIS IS HUGE.  Make sure your participants know what milestones to hit and when.  Make hard ending deadline to your fundraiser!