Organizing your staff for a great fundraiser


Organization in a fundraiser is extremely important. Leadership, information, and excitement needs to come from the top down! Organization works is best when you delegate action items to motivated people. This is the key to a successful fundraiser because there is no need for micromanagement. Simply find and recruit people who have a vested interested in making sure your fundraiser is successful. These people are most likely involved parents and caring coaches who are willing to put the needed time and effort.

Delegation Teams

  1. Money/Budget team
  2. Advertisement and Campaign Team
  3. Motivation Team
  4. Follow up Team

If you can find four key leaders to take hold of these four teams, your fundraiser has great potential for success! Once the team leader knows what needs to happen, they then can recruit other motivated people to help them accomplished the needs within their specific team.

Great incentives for fundraising

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Let’s just say it, fundraising is hard.  We are not going to sit here and tell you anything different.  But we can offer some helpful hints on how to make it a bit easier and a lot more profitable.  We are talking about incentives!

Incentivize your fundraisers!  Take some time to think about who your fundraisers are, what they like, and what it would take to make them excited to fundraise.

Tips for fundraising and using incentives

  1. Work with the fundraising company and ask them to for ideas.  The Motivdeals team loves to help!
  2. Instead of putting a prize at a mile marker (i.e. sell 10 and get “X”), incentivize with participation then mile markers. (i.e. if the entire team participates, the entire team gets a pizza party)  This creates positive peer pressure.
  3. Make sure your coaches/teachers/leaders are on board!  Nothing kills a fundraiser more than unmotivated leaders.
  4. Publically announce fundraisers who are accomplishing their goals.  Again, positive peer pressure.
  5. Incentives don’t always have to have a cash value.  Think creatively on what your fundraisers want to do/see. (i.e. coaches dyeing their hair or doing crazy things)

Milton High School track and field just started their fundraiser with us and are using incentives to motivate their kids!

Let us know if we can help you with your fundraising needs!  Motivdeals is the digital version of those plastic fundraising cards.  Find out more HERE.

Motivdeals: The Digital Version Of Those Plastic Fundraising Cards

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Motivdeals is an Atlanta based marketing and fundraising company  that has created a new and innovative way to fundraise.  And the best part is – It’s already proven concept of fundraising!

Have you ever had a high school football player knock on your door asking, “Will you please purchase this coupon booklet of local deals to help raise money for my football team?”   If your answer is “No”, then you probably live out in the middle of no where,  have a steep driveway, or you have just been lucky.

The truth is, we buy those plastic fundraising cards, those tubes of cookie dough, and the scented candles because we want to do our part in helping our local schools and students.  It is also a safe to say that we usually leave those coupons at home and they get lost in the black hole of our glove box.

Motivdeals has developed a user experience, whereby members can access tons of local deals 24/7, using their mobile devices!

Think of us like a digital version of those plastic deal cards that sports players sell.